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20th Pharma Rally

Raghu College of Pharmacy

As a part of 54th National Pharmacy Week (NPW) celebrations; we have conducted Silent Pharma Rally from our corporate office in Ramnagar passing through GVMC circle, 222 bus stop, LIC building finally ending at Gandhi statue on 20th November 2015

Principal of Raghu College of Pharmacy Dr. Jagadeesh Panda, Faculty and about 250 students participated in the rally. Pamplets were distributed and pluck cards were exhibited by the students which created awareness about responsible use of antibiotics, use of prescription medicines, various drug interactions, and safety use of drugs.

Principal Jagadeesh panda gave a talk on the use of antibiotics. He said that excessive use of antibiotics will result in resistance which means that we no longer can use these antibiotics. Therefore it is our responsibility to preserve antibiotics for future use.

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