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Guest lecture on CLEAN ROOM CONCEPTS has been organized at the college on 28.04.2016.

Raghu College of Pharmacy

Guests of honour:
1 Mr.K.Girish, Head Operations, Laurus labs, Visakhapatnam 
2 Mr.K.Ch.Ramesh, Manager, Laurus labs, Visakhapatnam

Mr. K. Girish, Head Operations, Laurus labs, Visakhapatnam session was very interactive, informative. He gave a detailed lecture on practicing safety and various sources of contamination like dust,machines,floors,personnel and how they can be prevented. He elaborated on topics like control of various variables like temperature, humidity, airflow(air handling units) and pressure for production of API ’S with high quality

Mr.K.Ch.Ramesh, Manager, Laurus labs explained the importance of integrity,effluent management, methods to prevent cross contamination.

About 200 students, faculty, Dr.Jagadeesh Panda, Principal Raghu College of Pharmacy attended this guest lecture. Students expressed their gratitude upon interacting with them and they were very thankful for the suggestions given by them.

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